Sergio Reguilón Will Move To Tottenham

Sergio Reguilon 620x400 1 - Sergio Reguilón Will Move To Tottenham

Sergio Reguilón continues to be one step from the Premier League, but now it is Tottenham the team that is best positioned to secure the services of the Real Madrid full-back.

Everything seems to indicate that he will go for 30 million and that Los Blancos will have a buyback option.

Reguilón seems destined to move to the Premier League, but to Tottenham, not Manchester United. The agreement seems practically done, thanks to Spurs agreeing to include a buyback option for Madrid in the transfer.

It was an essential condition for Real Madrid. Whoever wanted Reguilón had to accept to include the buyback option. United refused and Tottenham decided to get in on the act and take advantage of the situation.

Reguilón was linked with Spurs, once it was confirmed that he wouldn’t return to Sevilla, and above all that he wouldn’t stay at Real Madrid. But Los Blancos, like is now customary, are reluctant to cut all ties with their players.

It is for that reason that they are imposing the buyback option on any buyer. United, confident in the full-back’s potential, outright refused. Because Reguilón has a price set at 30 million (his value is 35), and Madrid want to buy him back for 40.

The Red Devils think that they will be able to get much more for him if they decided to get rid of the Spanish footballer, and pulled out of the bidding. Tottenham no. According to ‘MD’ and ‘Marca’, Spurs have reportedly accepted those conditions.

I.e., Sergio Reguilón will go to Mourinho’s Tottenham for 30 million euros, and in the next two seasons, Real Madrid will be able to sign him again for approximately 40.

And, furthermore, it will include, according to ‘AS’, the right of first refusal. I.e, that Tottenham will have to inform Madrid if they receive an offer for Reguiilón, and if Madrid equal it, they would be forced to accept it.

According to ‘Marca’, the agreement will be made official on Thursday, as soon as the player undergoes the relevant medical in London.

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