Olivier Giroud Could Be Overshadowed This Season If He Stays At Chelsea

skysports olivier giroud chelsea 4906632 - Olivier Giroud Could Be Overshadowed This Season If He Stays At Chelsea

Olivier Giroud is going to play a secondary role this season at Chelsea and Rennes have asked for him, according to ‘L’Équipe’, with the intention of signing.

It would be an ideal destination for the striker, who would enjoy the opportunity to play an important role in the team and return to his home country, France

The motherland is calling Giroud. The Chelsea striker doesn’t look like he’s going to play an important role this season in a team plagued with star signings and Rennes have put themselves first in the list of possible destinations for the forward.

‘L’Équipe’ says that they asked ‘The Blues’ for him. The first thought for the French side was to facilitate the possible purchase of Edouard Mendy with Giroud coming in as part of a larger deal. The answer was a flat out no, so Rennes will have to look at a separate deal.

With a contract until 2021, Rennes will have to decide whether or not to take him on loan or to buy him. The English side still have a year left on his contract to be able to take advantage of his services and his market value is 6.6 million euros.

This is not the first time that Giroud has received an important offer from France. Olympique de Lyon were also interested in his services. He rejected their offer due to unusual reasons stemming from a personal feud with Karim Benzema.


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