AKA Getting Ready To Drop New Music

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AKA Getting Ready To Drop New Music

The rapper has been cooking in the studio. Rapper AKA has been teasing fans with the idea that he is hard at work on new music and it seems that the wait will not be long until fans hear it.

The rapper during the lockdown has been keeping a low profile on the social streets only popping up when need be.

Supa Mega first resurfaced when he shared with fans what he has been cooking in the studio with snippets of his new music. The rapper shared several snippets of music on Instagram and left his fans wanting more.

Despite the rapper not being his usual loud self on social media the love, his fans have for him has not died down and they even made sure he knew.

AKA then shared with his followers the good news that he is planning on launching his own TV channel, where fans would get to see projects he has worked on such as the SneAKA collection with Reebok, new Ciroc flavor and Beam Digital.

The rapper has now been popping up on social media to give fans updates on his career moves instead of throwing shade at other rappers.

On Monday, he announced that week after next he will dropping new music and if all goes well he will perform it on The Supa Mega Show on AKA TV.

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